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Study Guide


Our future just may depend on it. Through popular music and urban dance, a sure inroad to our youth, Vocal Trash, "the voice for the trash", uniquely promotes green awareness, sustainability, recycling and anti-bullying to students from coast to coast and globally.

The Cast

Making music in harmony with the environment. Vocal Trash is made up of young professionals that utilize their craft for meaningful and lasting results. A green minded troupe, with a social conscience, Vocal Trash asks students to come along and celebrate life, our world and its people. This green minded ensemble encourages one to recycle their imagination.


Steve Playing Drums

We have created the following study guide to help make your student's experience with the "THINK Program" as impactful as possible. For many, it will be their first time viewing a live theatrical production. We have learned that when teachers discuss the performance with their students, before and after the production, the experience is more significant and long lasting. Our study guide provides post performance discussion topics, as well as related facts. These are just suggestions; please feel free to create your own activities and areas for discussion. We hope you and your class enjoy the show!


Along with original music that deals with inspirational content, Vocal Trash also replaces iconic and popular song lyrics with positive influential subject matter. This concept allows a unique opportunity to reach young minds by harmoniously fusing music with social awareness. In between musical numbers, the troupe will briefly touch on interesting facts, figures and stats concerning the topic at hand. During the performance, VT utilizes an extensive amount of industrial re-used, re-purposed and up-cycled props for anecdotal, thought provoking ideas. The combination of recycled instruments, ie. gas can guitar, tool box guitar and up-right milk-urn bass, coupled with a percussion section made up of trash cans, metal lids, plastic water jugs and other industrial items, lends itself to a unique and thought provoking presentation.

Kelsey With Fans

Add singing and break-dancing to the mix and you've got a powerfully effective tool for encouraging young minds to significantly use their imagination as it relates to a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle. The group incorporates items that would historically end up in landfills, demonstrating how objects that, at first glance, appear to be trash but can be made into something useful. Also, topics such as "clean energy" through proper nutrition and no drugs are addressed, as well as no bullying messages are emphasized throughout every performance.

Post Performance

Below, we've provided some basic "talking points" to go over and review with your students after the performance. These facts, stats and figures will help students connect the awareness factor, provided by our "THINK Program", with hard evidence, provided by, you, the teacher.

Bullying Statement

Vocal Trash believes in a caring, supportive environment in which individuals are encouraged and challenged to develop their strengths, interests, and talents.


Larry Playing Up-cycled Guitar


The Cast After A Performance


The Cast After A Performance


Solid Waste & Landfills

Miscellaneous Recycling Facts


What's Recyclable:

What's Recyclable

What's Not:

What's Recyclable

Theater Etiquette


Attending a live performance of THINK… Before You Throw It Away will be interesting and enjoyable for everyone if you remember to-

Look for facial expressions to help you understand what the actors are feeling.

Listen in order to understand the communication between the actors. The performers in THINK need help from you, the audience. You are an important part of the play. Being an audience member in a theater is different from watching a movie or television show. The performers are in the same room with you and are affected by what you do. To do their best, the performers need you to watch and listen closely. Audience members also depend on your quiet attention during the performance so that they can enjoy their theater experience as well.


Please bring a minimum of one adult chaperone for every fifteen students. Please remind chaperones that the theater etiquette they model speaks volumes to your students.

Prepare your students to enter the theater in single file in order of seating. Position your chaperones to maximize adult supervision of your group.